1. Suddenly Four People In The Family10. Playing With Spaced-Out Santa11. June, On Father's day... Papa Comes
12. The Mysterious Boy, Yaboshi Seiya13. The mysterious planet Sharaku14. Help!! Transforming Wannya!
15. Mikan Ran Away, Saionji!16. The Ocean And The Lover's Tree17. Is Hosho In India? Saionji
18. Momoka's Passport19. Miyu's Real Home-The Mysterious House?2. Luu-kun's Is Going To Climb A Stovepipe
20. The Off-Season Home Visit3. Chris And Her Friends Drop By4. Momoka And The Necklace
49. Mizuno Sensei's Mysterious Trip5. Miyu's Awful Cuisine6. Mama Comes Over On Mother's Day
7. Ruu-kun, Popular In School8. Ruu-kun's Acting Debut9. A Date In The Park Between Cousins
Akira KijyouAnimeAya Konishi
CharactersChristine HanakomachiHitome Saionji
Hōshō SaionjiKanata SaionjiKurita Hanakomachi
MangaMikan YamamuraMiki Kōzuki
Miu SaionjiMiyu KozukiMomoka Hanakomachi
Nanami TenchiNozomu HikarigaokaPepo
RuuSanta KurosuSeiya Yaboshi
Ufo Baby WikiWannyaYū Kōzuki
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File:5312 125906.jpgFile:5 37 NBAAV Daa! Daa! Daa! - v08 c037 p000.jpgFile:5 42 GVOQV daa-daa-daa-v09-c042-ma-daa-daa-daa-v09-c042-p000-jpg.jpg
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