Momoka Hanakomachi


June 21, 1997



Blood Type



Kurita Hanakomachi (brother)

Christine Hanakomachi (cousin)

Christine's 3-year-old cousin. Momoka often drives along in her tiny toy tricycle and befriends Ruu, declaring that he is her boyfriend and that they are in a close relationship. Momoka has an odd grudge against Miyu, often calling her Madam or obā-chan, a title used for an elderly woman or grandmother, which in result infuriates Miyu all the time. However, she appears to like Kanata very much, at times admitting he is cute and calls him Kanata onii-chan. Momoka learns Miyu and Kanata's secret about having two aliens in their house in the episode "Momoka's Passport", where she saw Ruu fly in the sky in order to get the balloon.

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