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Wannyā, also known as Baumiao (which is a play on "Bowmeow"), is a cat-like alien "sitterpet" from Planet Otto who is entrusted to take care of Ruu and can transform into all sorts of human beings, often a blond-haired man who was once the subject of Mikan's affection and a dark red-haired woman, and all forms of animals and objects. He develops a passionate liking for Mitarashi dango and often writes about the events of the progressing day in his computerized "sitterpet" diary. Wannyā often does all the cooking and cleaning in the house. He always addresses Ruu as "Ruu-chama", which is most likely a combination of sama, which shows great respect, and chan, which is used as endearment towards girls and little boys. It is possibly Wanya's way of showing both respect and endearment toward Ruu.

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